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A new era of dining begins with

FoodFight connects hungry sports fans with their favorite restaurants and brands through our innovative social gaming platform.

Challenge friends or strangers on live sports using food & beverage menu items as currency instead of cash! Winners eat, losers pay!

Why is FoodFight

Gamified point-of-sale channels to reach fans and drive more sales 

FoodFight leverages social competition and sports gaming to activate and engage sports fans, keeping them at your establishment longer, spending more - even when games are blowouts!

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Utilize unique sales & promotion tools


Generate customer insights

Amplify customer connections 

Transform your your customer experience


Gamify the order process

Into an exciting and highly engaged sales opportunity by letting customers wager on live sports for your menu items, products, and merch.

Create memorable experiences

Keep customers coming back for more with features that build camaraderie, community, and friendly competition that generates excitement!


Getting started is easy!


Add your establishment


Customize your menu and specials


Engage patrons with FoodFights




Our partners


For the Fans

Feed your fandom with FoodFight

Ever wager your friends on who'll pay for the next round of drinks, appetizers, or the entire tab? Raise the stakes with FoodFight!

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Want to work with FoodFight?

Request Demo

Request a Demo

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Add an extra spice to your favorite games 
with FoodFight

Build your FoodFight

Completely customize your FoodFight from the game and outcome, to the menu items

FoodFight the community

Easily connect and compete with other fans across our community

Challenge the bar

Compete against your favorite bar for discounts and specials!

  • What should I prepare to join FoodFight as a partner?
    FAQs can be added to any page on your site or to your Wix mobile app, giving access to members on the go.
  • How can partnering with FoodFight benefit my establishment?
    Partnering with FoodFight can increase customer dwell time, enhance patron engagement, promote additional sales, and set your venue apart as a unique dining and entertainment destination.
  • Is there a cost associated with integrating FoodFight in my venue?
    FoodFight operates on a partnership model. Costs can vary based on the level of integration and support you require. Please reach out to our team for a consultation at
  • What exactly is FoodFight?
    FoodFight is a next-gen sports gaming platform that merges the thrill of social competition and sports entertainment, with our love of food. Through FoodFight, fans can engage in friendly wagers with friends, strangers or even the bar team on which team will score the next touchdown, goal or home run. Instead of cash, we use food and beverages as currency, creating a fun, social, and delicious and entertaining experience.
  • How does FoodFight use food & beverages as currency?
    It's quite simple. FoodFight users build "FoodFights," which includes details related to their friendly wager, including which food & beverage menu items they hope to win from an opposing fan. If they win, they're rewarded with the food or drink item wagered by the opposing fan. If they lose, they owe the opposing fan the items they challenged.
  • Who should I FoodFight?
    We suggest FoodFighting with your friends, family, and colleagues. Once you're comfortable and confident, start participating with others in our community at your venue location, or via delivery. Having fun FoodFighting with a particular user? Add them as a friend! Finally, you can invite your friends to sign up too!
  • I've won a FoodFight ! How do I redeem my food & beverages?
    Congratulations! Simply show your winning notification to the staff at the participating venue, and they'll whip up your winning items.
  • Can I use FoodFight at any restaurant or sports bar?
    FoodFight is currently partnered with specific restaurants and sports bars in Chicago, New Orleans, Indianapolis and New York. Look for the FoodFight sticker at venues or check our app for a list of participating locations near you. If your favorite venue needs FoodFight let us know at and we'll get in touch!
  • Are there any fees associate with using FoodFight?
    FoodFight is completely free users to join and participate in! Just be aware - if you lose you're expected to settle up your FoodFight with your opponent.
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