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How Winners Eat!

For the love of the game

FoodFight connects hungry fans with restaurants, bars and in-stadium vendors


Beat the competition by utilizing FoodFight's in-restaurant sports wagering service, enabling greater sales volume for your business and a viewing experience that is hard to beat


Build your brand with us!
With FoodFight, you'll be killin' it with targeted promotions and gameday advertising that 
drive customer engagement

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Tap into your community with FoodFight!

FoodFight's services provide restaurants & bars tools to drive diner-to-diner engagement. Dinners wager food & beverages with one another while watching the big game. 


FoodFight generates increased sales, revenue, and tips for your staff - while creating an enhanced viewing and communal experience for your customers.

Simply put, diners have fun and your business wins!

Who are FoodFight partners?

FoodFight partners with full- and quick-service restaurants, national chains, virtual kitchen brands, and stadium vendors across the U.S.

Interested in deploying FoodFight at your establishment?

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